The Truth About Water Softeners & Your Health

Water softeners are machines that take minerals out of water that make it hard, mostly calcium and magnesium. Ion exchange is the process of running hard water through a bed of resin that is full of sodium or potassium ions. Calcium and magnesium ions are swapped out for sodium or potassium ions as the hard water flows through the resin. This makes the water less hard. This process keeps scale from building up in pipes and appliances, which makes the water better for use in homes. Below we will discuss more on whether water softeners are bad for your health.

What Does Water That Has Been Softened Do to Your Health?

Softened water can be bad for your health in many ways because it has more sodium in it after the ion exchange process. People who are on low-sodium diets or who have high blood pressure may need to watch how much softened water they drink. There are times when the higher sodium content is a bad thing, especially for people who are already sick. It’s likely that the sodium added is very small, though, and won’t pose any major health risks to most people.

Doesn’t Sodium Have to Be Used in Water Softeners?

People are worried about how much sodium they are taking in, so some water softeners use potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride. Potassium-based systems remove hardness minerals in the same way, but they do it by adding potassium to the water instead of sodium. Many people may be better off with this option because it has potassium, which is good for you. On the other hand, potassium chloride might be too expensive for some homes since it costs more than sodium chloride.

Can Water Softeners Change the Minerals That Are in the Water?

There is a chance that water softeners will remove minerals like calcium and magnesium that are good for you. Some of the many things that these minerals do for the body are keep bones healthy and muscles working well. Some of these minerals are found in water, but not in softened water. This could make people less likely to get enough of them, especially if they don’t get enough from their food. For most people, this lack will not hurt their health too much if they eat a balanced diet.

What Changes Do Water Softeners Make to Skin and Hair?

There are times when soft water is good for your hair and skin. Soap and minerals from hard water can get on the skin and make it dry and bumpy. On the other hand, softened water gets rid of soap better, which makes hair and skin feel smoother. Using softened water can make people with eczema or sensitive skin feel better and improve the health of their skin as a whole.

What Does It Mean for the Environment When We Use Water Softeners?

Get rid of the brine that is used in the ion exchange process. This is the main way that water softeners hurt the environment. Whenever a water softener regenerates, it sends a lot of saltwater into the sewer system. This could raise the amount of sodium in nearby bodies of water. These things can hurt aquatic life and make it harder to clean the water. In some places, rules are in place to lessen these effects on the environment. Perhaps better for the environment are other ways of softening water, such as electromagnetic or catalytic systems.

A Water Softener Might Be a Good Idea for Your Home.

You should think about the health and environmental pros and cons of getting a water softener for your home before making your choice. When it comes to homes with hard water, appliances that use less water and build up less scale can be big pluses. You might also want to buy a water softener because it is good for your hair and skin. However, it is important to think about the bigger amount of sodium and how it will impact the environment. Talking to a professional about water treatment and maybe choosing potassium-based systems or other water softening methods can help you deal with these worries and make an informed choice for your family. Now you have knowledge on whether water softeners are bad for your health.

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