How Adhd Mdication Affect Relations – Causes OF ADHD

A syndrome that affects both children and adults with hyperactivity and inattention. It is a neurological disorder, which makes affected one frustrated over simple life scenarios. Their whole life becomes messed up due to this genetic or environmental disorder. Certain variations in the structure of the brain or neurotransmitters make it very difficult to control their symptoms. Their professional and academic life is unsorted. 4-5% of adults in American society came across with this syndrome. In the past, it was thought that ADHD is only related to males however, it may affect girls equally.

This article defines the effects of ADHD on relationships, a specific aspect of the syndrome. While ADHD may offer many difficulties in many areas of life, it has an especially large effect on relationships and intimate relationships. This description sheds light on the difficulties and provides ideas to promote understanding within these relationships by studying the interactions between partners of individuals with ADHD. For those who suffer directly from the condition as well as those who take care of them, it is important to know how ADHD can affect relationships between individuals.

SYMPTOMS OF Affected Relations By ADHD:

  • Inattention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Continuous tapping of feet on the floor
  • Continuous hand in motion or patting
  • Continuous riding on a chair
  • In continuous walking from one point to another
  • Interruption while discussions
  • Blur the vision of the board in the classroom
  • Cannot get mentor instructions
  • Do not complete tasks on time
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Consumption of harmful substances

CAUSES OF ADHD: When Relations Are Affected By This

  • Genetic
  • Brain anatomy and physiology
  • Prenatal/postnatal factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Dopamine or any other neurotransmitter dysfunction
  • Overconsumption of sugary food during pregnancy
  • Premature delivery
  • History of psychological diseases.
  • Gene’s mutations or defect

Adhd As A Communication Barrier:

ADHD is a disease, which poses conversational challenges in individuals. This may be due to improper time management. They talk continuously and excessively, as they cannot measure the time during their activities. They cannot focus on others’ conversation and this poses another difficulty for them that is bad at learning things. As we, all know good learners are always good listeners. They interrupt others during their speeches, and people think they disrespect them. They forget about the priorities of their loved ones as they have a communication gap. They build misunderstandings in them as they cannot have clear conversations.

Adhd Student And Teacher Relation:

According to many diagnostic researches, ADHD is most common in school-going children. Their school life gets disturbed due to the symptoms of inattention. Student-teacher relation is effective in the study and if it is not positive then the result will ultimately be negative. According to many studies, Professors usually list inattention and hyperactivity as the two worst cases of student behaviors. Many teachers do not know the actual disease of their students, and they are categorizing their student behavior under disciplinary actions. To overcome this, teachers must be aware of his/her student’s mental condition.   Teachers must be specialized in special education plans provided by health care. They support their student by conveying chunking information.

Adhd And Parents Relationship:

Parents and children love each other as they are biologically and emotionally connected. Parents often know the difficulties of their children but as ADHD is a less known disease parents think that their children a spoiled ones. They usually start punishing them over things that are not under their control. However, this disease is devastatingly affecting both children and parents. Parents must become aware of ADHD as a neurodefecit disorder. They should conduct communication conferences within the family. Parents should listen to their kid’s difficulties and concerns in academic and daily dealings. Listen and guide them rather than give those long lectures.

Adhd And Friendship:

Friendship is the most powerful instrument for communication. Not all the time parents and teachers are with us. Friends know most of our weaknesses and hurdles in academics as well as in their leisure activities. However, friendship is mostly affected by ADHD symptoms of hyperactivity and distractibility. Other normal friend thinks that the individual with ADHD has a dominating personality and does not understand their matters. While ADHD student is doing such things due to their syndrome. Friends should be aware of their friend’s symptoms and treat them as equal members of society. Try to listen to them and give them friendship and love. They should not ignore them, as we all know “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Adhd As A Couple: (Soulmates)

Romantic relationships are created to maintain understanding between opposing genders. They are the loveliest type of relations across the globe. However, individuals with ADHD usually struggle in their married or couple lives. They did not give importance to the advice of their partners. This is due to that they cannot focus on their words while their partner thinks they are neglected. They cannot give quality time to their partner due to poor time management. Their professional duties overlap with their partner’s interaction timings. They in continuous periods of anxiety and depression cannot give their emotional support to their partners. As they are not professionals, well they lose their jobs continuously. This may cause financial hurdles between both partners. They transfer all their frustrations to their partners. Therefore, a normal partner must be aware of the disease pattern.

Adhd And Their Colleague’s Relationship:

ADHD affects the professional opportunities of the individual. As they cannot complete their tasks on time team workflow is disturbed. They usually got frustrated in healthy competition between colleagues. They built low self-esteem due to continuous failure in meetings and tasks. They usually ignore their colleagues, as they cannot talk well.

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